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Gold Ribbon Conversations - Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland Podcast

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

A Gold Ribbon.

It illuminates precious light, love, courage and compassion.

The symbol of strength and solidarity for those that fight against childhood cancer.

And one of the greatest sources of strength for this fight, is conversation.

Talking, connecting, being heard, being listened to.

And most of all, knowing that you are not alone.

Six children, adolescents and young adults are diagnosed with cancer every week in Ireland. Created by Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland, Gold Ribbon Conversations, is the podcast that explores the real experiences of childhood cancer. the fear, anxiety sadness and pain, but also light, hope, friendships and the community that exists here.

Through personal stories we’ll talk honestly about early symptoms, moments of diagnosis, the impact of treatment, survivorship and bereavement, as well as hearing from physical and emotional experts in this field.

My name is Sinead O’Moore and it is my privilege to bring you these 5 episodes on behalf of Childhood Cancer Foundation Ireland, a charity founded by and led by parents of children with cancer. To support our gold ribbon heroes you can donate €4 now by texting GOLD to FIVE ZERO THREE ZERO ZERO

Or visit for more..

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